Intraluminal Support Device

Next Generation Technology for Optimal Intraluminal Support and Coverage for Stent-assist Coil Procedures
The LVIS device is intended for use with embolic coils for the treatment of intracranial neurovascular diseases.

• 4 radiopaque distal markers
• 4 radiopaque proximal markers
• Flared ends
• 2 radiopaque strands
• Compliant cell system - cell size complements today's softer, smaller embolization coils
• .021 Headway® microcatheter compatible

*LVIS® has received HDE Approval

RX only.
Humanitarian Device:
Authorized by Federal Law for use with bare platinum embolic coils for the treatment of unruptured, wide neck (neck  4 mm or dome to neck ratio < 2), intracranial,
saccular aneurysms arising from a parent vessel with a diameter  2.5 mm and  4.5 mm. The effectiveness of this device for this use has not been demonstrated.

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